What is baltic Amber teething necklace?

The necklace is called the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.

And this time I want to discuss the Baltic Amber teething Necklace or commonly called the Amber Teething Necklace.

Maybe for those who don’t know, or feel familiar, Amber teething necklaces is a resin from pine trees 20-50 million years ago, each of which contains succinic acid. Where the content of Succinic Acid itself has various benefits including:

  • relieves inflammation or painful gums in teething babies.
  • provide a calm effect without medication during sleep, so sleep better.
  • reduce excessive saliva.
  • stabilize emotions.
  • remove toxic.
  • natural pain relief, whether joint pain or headache.
  • stress reliever.
  • relieves fever.
  • and long-term use can strengthen the immune system

then the amber granules are processed and formed into a necklace or bracelet.

The use is easy, just put it on the back of the shirt and hit the baby’s skin, so Amber teething necklace capture the baby’s body heat and remove succinic acid which helps relieve teething symptoms.

Actually, I first learned about this Amber teething necklaces from social media. Initially it was not so interesting because besides the reasonable price, there was a concern that there was no need to use a necklace because my baby is not the typical one who likes to use accessories.

Until finally here, how come I’m curious about amber teething, hmm? considering that about a month ago my Babies “Luna” really went on a hunger strike until her weight dropped 1 kg. Then also curious whether this necklace can handle teething drama or not?

At first I planned to buy Amber teething necklaces on this holiday, suddenly. I saw a lot on Instagram talking about Amber teething necklaces!

I got the Amber teething necklaces from voldemaras who happened to offer the necklace products.

OK, you know! This necklace is priced at $ 19.99, and can be priced at $ 17. and the type that you can get is Baroque Multi 3 Colors. Oh yeah these Amber teething necklaces are indeed formed not the same and are flat between one stone and the other, because they are processed naturally so the size is different.