Prime Differential Factors Between Mood Swing And Depression

The middle-aged women are often prone to exhibit massive mood swings without any apparent reason. Actually, it is now established that the mood swing is caused mainly due to the drastic changes in hormonal levels in the body. The amounts of female hormone production start fluctuating immediately before the menopause and this condition continues even after menopause for some days. Likewise, the pregnant women also experience mood swings due to the same reason during their pregnancy period. Mood swing is also experienced by some teenagers when hormonal changes occur in their body systems during their puberty stage.

On the contrary, depression is a major psychological problem that makes the affected person feel very sad and lowly, due to any specific reason. Normally, sadness is considered as a common feeling that is experienced by every person at one time or the other because of numerous causes. However, if a person feels gloomy for a very long time, he/she is surely suffering from depression and needs medical treatment by a professional psychiatrist. The depression can give rise to a number of major health issues, including stroke and heart attack.

The common people often feel confused between the mood swing and depression, due to some similarities in the symptoms of these two psychological problems. In both cases, the affected people become angry suddenly without any major reason, they feel hopeless, lonely and physically tired. So it may become difficult to distinguish between these two significant psychological disorders in human beings. However, there are a few behavioral symptoms that differentiate these two mental problems.

Major points of difference between mood swing and depression

  • The mood swing does not need medical attention and it can be completely cured through adopting some healthy changes in diet, fixed sleeping schedules, and habit of regular exercises. On the other hand, the depression cannot be treated by changing these lifestyle factors and demand the medical treatment by any reliable psychiatrist.
  • In case of the mood swing, the affected person may feel happy at a time and sad at the next moment, due to the fluctuations of the hormones responsible for mood changes. However, the depression is a stage of continuous melancholy without any glimpse of merrier mood in that person at any time.
  • While the treatment for mood swing is not at all expensive and need no medication; the treatment of depression is a lengthy process with numbers of medications and counseling sessions. Hence, the patients suffering from depression have to undergo expensive treatment procedures for coming out of the depressive stage completely. The doctors prescribe numbers of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs for bringing positive changes in the psychological state of this kind of patients.
  • The people experiencing mood swings usually have no problem in sleeping soundly at night; while the patients having depression either suffer from insomnia or hypersomnia, which are two conditions of sleep disorders. Insomnia is the medical term for the lack of sleep and hypersomnia is the state of excessive sleep than normal, both of which can affect the health adversely. As the depressive mood keep tormenting the patients mentally at the sleeping time as well, their normal sleeping pattern is highly disturbed.
  • The people undergoing mood swings do not have any problem in concentrating for their daily works and they apparently lead a normal life. However, the patients suffering from depression find it extremely tough to concentrate on their studies or tasks and this condition is largely credited to the lack of adequate sleep at night.

Treatments for curing mood swing and depression

However, the mood swing can pave the way to depression if left totally untreated. The people suffering from mood swings have been reportedly benefitted from the daily practices of Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises that calm down their disturbed nerves. The pursuance of enjoyable passions, like reading light storybooks, watching TV, listening to music and some creative hobbies also help in living the difficult stage of mood swing.

Primarily, the patients suffering from depression need constant emotional support from their family members and friends. Different procedures of psychotherapy applied by the experienced psychiatrists help the patients in coming out of their depressions. Moreover, numbers of antidepressant drugs need to be administered to act on particular neurotransmitters for a long time for complete cure of depression.