Baby Sick Teething? Overcome with Baltic Amber Stone

Good news for parents who have babies in their teeth. The condition of the itchy, fussy gum, until the fever that usually accompanies the resting gum condition can now be overcome by using Baltic amber.

Trends in using Baltic Proud for health. It turned out to have started in the 1950s, long before some Indonesian artists popularized it. Izidorius, who at that time was still producing jewelry made from Baltic amber in Europe, found that his amber bracelets and necklaces were good for teething and adult babies. Until 1996-1998, the popularity of amber jewelry extended to Western Europe. This is a time when parents in Europe believe amber jewelry is a natural solution to cope with crying or fussy babies.

Amber comes from fossils of pine sap succinifera

which was formed and petrified for 40 million years. Fossils contain succinic acid, a substance that can reduce inflammation. But it is only yellow from the Baltic region which contains the highest level of succinic acid. Succinic acid naturally relieves inflammation, has long been used as a pain reliever and a booster of the immune system. When someone uses an accessory from amber, their body heat will trigger the release of succinic acid which is then absorbed through the skin, thus reducing discomfort due to inflammation.

Baltic Ambar is safe for babies

Yellow baltic efficacy that provides a calming effect, neutralizes negative energy and strengthens the immune system that is safe for babies. Jewelry is enough to wear on the neck and hands when the baby moves. Don’t forget to remove it when the baby will sleep to avoid choking or suffocation.

No need to fly to Europe to get Baltic amber for your little one

because now Amber Buddy collection is available in various online stores at very affordable prices, only $ 19.99 for Classic or Limited. Each product consists of a set of bracelets and necklaces, equipped with a certificate of authenticity from Baltic Baltic, as well as beautiful bags to be stored as long as they are not used so that they are not scattered. The length of a necklace that is suitable for a child’s neck – which is 32 cm and bracelet 14 cm, is very light and comfortable to use so it does not interfere with your baby’s activities.